Seminars for companies / brands...


Seminar duration: 1 day (4 hours)
Seminar content:

Department 1 / Marketing Management
From the 1900's to the present...
How firm / brand power is formed
(What is required for success in a business?)
Brand Management and Marketing
What is marketing?
Marketing's "4P"
Marketing Management systematics
Marketing Communication Management working systematic
a. Examination, research
Market / market research
Marketing and Market Analysis
Target Audience / Consumer analysis
Brand and Image Analysis
Product and Product Grouping Analysis
Turnover Analysis
Case studies
b. Reporting
c. Planning

Marketing Strategy / Strategic Planning
Creating a Brand Management Plan
Creating a Marketing Plan
Preparation of to-do / check-lists
Preparation of the Timing Plan
Case studies
d. App
Part 2 / Company / Branding Image
Visual Identity + Advertising + PR (Public Relations)
Being a brand,
Creating images
Brand Image Positioning
Examples from our work.

Seminars for companies / brands..


Seminar duration: 1 day (4 hours)
Seminar content:

Part 1 / Marketing
11 Modules in Branding / Brand Management
Brand and Integrated Marketing Communications
marketing management
Marketing and Market Analysis
Marketing Strategy, Strategic Planning
Creating a Marketing Plan and an Integrated Brand Management Plan

Part 2 / Sales

Sales Management Sales manager and image
Tasks of the sales manager
Sales manager and training
Advice to sales managers
Sales Management and Human Resources Management
Performance Management in Sales Management
Audit and evaluation in Sales Management
Salespeople and image
Training of salespeople
Salespeople and motivation
Field Theme
Reporting and recording
Sales and Customer Relationship Management / CRM
Rules for a good sale (AIDAS)
Sales and Advertising Sales and PR
Case studies...

Seminars for companies / brands..


Seminar duration: 1 day (4 hours)
Seminar content:
Modules in Branding / Brand Management
Brand Management and Advertising
Marketing Communications and Advertising
Advertising and Public Relations
To be a good advertiser
Brand and Marketing Communication Analysis
Types of advertising
Import / export brief
Creating the advertising strategy
Advertising campaign planning
Creation in advertising
Media planning and media environments
Right and Wrongs in Advertising
(Important points in advertising)
Ad accuracy check / Ad Efficiency Test
Advertising ID
Advertising film production stages
Visual Identity, examples
Advertising Managers and their duties in companies
Company - agency relations
Case studies ...

Seminars for companies / brands..

4- Public Relations (PR)

Seminar duration: 1 day (4 hours)
Seminar content:
11 Modules in Branding / Brand Management
Image and Public Relations in company / brands
Public Relations and Advertising
Reputation and Perception Management
To be a good PRist
What is Public Relations, how is it done?
Sample application
Review, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation for PR
The "10 Steps" rule in planning
PR types
1- Corporate PR
2- MPR (Marketing PR)
MPR instruments
3- Strategic PR
Crisis PR / Pre-crisis planning
Crisis PR / Press Relations during Crisis,
Tips on Press Relations
Important points in crisis management
Press Relations, tips
Press Kits, examples
4- PR Campaigns
PR instruments
Publishing a corporate / organization magazine
Participating in fairs
PR Manager and his duties ...

Seminars for companies / brands...

5- Public Relations (PR) Applications

Seminar duration: 1 day (4 hours)
Seminar content:
PR case studies
How are PR organizations evaluated?

Seminars for companies / brands...

6- Management, communication with employees, Motivation

Duration of the seminar: 2 days (4 + 4 = 8 hours)
Only to managers.
Seminar content:

Personal Image,
How should a good manager be?
Personal talent is essential to be a manager!
Management and Leadership
What a good manager should have
Test yourself (personal assessment),
"Body Language" in Interpersonal Communication,
Areas and distances,
Etiquette in Interpersonal Communication,
In workplaces, "Interpersonal Communication"
issues we need to pay attention to
Staff Motivation
Directing managers and employees
Most common in the workplace, business life
problems, solution suggestions
Rewarding formats
Communication with customers and business circles;
Types of customers
Family businesses
Advice to companies / managers
Stress-free management.