Business and investment opportunities

It is very likely that all of the brands that have been successful in Turkey in the last 20 years are also successful in Iran. Iran has great opportunities in this regard and it is in the last 1-2 years of this opportunity. In this perspective, it will be of benefit for Turkish investors to create emergency brands in Iran on the following issues;
* Pizza restaurants chain,
* Cafeler,
* Restaurants,
* Cosmetic stores chain,
* Closed wear,
* Jean,
* Ladies underwear, socks,
* E-commerce sites,
* Cash register, POS systems,
* Wedding dress,
* Scarf,
* Tourism,
* Assistance services ...
We are ready to make all kinds of cooperation with our businessmen who want to invest in these topics and other issues that may arise in Iran and to create a brand.

For detailed information about these projects;

A look at Iran ...

Iran has been trying to integrate the global economy with the removal of embargoes applied by the international community for many years. Tehran is now subject to commercial attacks by western countries. It would be beneficial for Turkish investors to evaluate their investment and trade opportunities and opportunities in this country without delay.

Political and administrative structure

Iran is one of the most prominent major countries of our region, which has thousands of years of state tradition and a rich culture culture. The administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran is shared between the ulema and representatives elected by the people. It is possible to describe the Iranian government system as a special form of government that combines the theocracy and the presidential system.

As a religious leader; Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, as president; Hasan governs the spiritual country. The religious leader has the ultimate say in every matter in the country and he is a lifelong member. The Nizami army, the Revolutionary Guards, the Ministry of the Interior, the Intelligence Units are directly linked to the religious leadership, and the religious leader controls the functioning of the legislative, executive, judicial powers. There is also the State Settlement Council in the country that is protecting the constitution.

The ethnic structure of Iran, which has a population of 78 million, is also remarkable. Arab, Armenian, Jewish, Syriac, Beluci, Zarathustra, Hindu races, including 30% Azerbaijani, 10% other (Turkmen, Kasgaray, Af■ar etc.) Turkish tribes and 15% predominantly Kurds .

The official language of Iran is Persian. However, Azeri, Halaš, Turkmen, Af■ar dialects and Turkish and other minority dialects are widely discussed.

Iran, which is a member of some internationally important institutions such as the United Nations, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), and the ECO (Economic Cooperation Organization), is now in an effort to reintegrate with the world. In the new period, Iran is developing in this frame.

Opportunities and opportunities in Iran

Despite the high oil and petroleum product revenues (US $ 114.7 billion in 2011), the rapidly growing population, rising inflation and unemployment, the growing burden of subsidies on basic needs on the budget, the massive and cumbersome public sector as well as the United Nations, The negativities of sanctions continue to be the biggest problems facing the Iranian economy. However, Iran is taking important steps to solve the economic and social problems.

Iran is trying to integrate the global economy with the removal of embargoes that have been practiced by the international community for years. Tehran is now subject to commercial attacks by western countries. It would be beneficial for Turkey not to miss these opportunities and opportunities. At this moment, the popularity of Turkish brands in Iran is rapidly increasing.

Iran, Turkey's gateway to Asia

The economic relations with Iran are of special importance in the development of commercial and economic cooperation with the neighboring countries and especially with our country through the removal of the embargo applied to Iran. Iran is a gateway of Turkey to Asia and Iran to Europe. Our commercial relations with Iran have increased to a record high in the period of 2002 - 2012, reaching the highest level of 21.9 billion dollars in 2012.

Turkey's main products exported to Iran; Textiles and raw materials, chemical materials, construction materials, wood products, machinery and equipment. The products imported from Iran by Turkey are oil and natural gas, mainly made of plastic and plastic, metal ores, slag and ash, copper and copper products.

The signing of the Preferential Trade Agreement between the two countries on 28-29 January 2014, which has been negotiating for many years, constitutes one of the most recent developments in terms of economic-trade relations between the two countries. It is foreseen that this agreement will contribute to the development of economic-commercial relations between the two countries. On the other side, Iranian President Hasan Ruhani's visit to Turkey on 9-10 June 2014 confirmed the goal of raising the trade between the two countries to 30 billion dollars.

Iranian businessmen attach importance to and demand joint investments with Turkey primarily in the fields of industry, tourism and agriculture and Iran is trying to remove bureaucratic obstacles in this issue.

It is expected that all these developments will be reflected positively in the economic and commercial relations between Turkey and Iran in the coming period.





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