Brand Management is just like film directing or orchestral directing. In many subjects deep training, knowledge, experience and organization, coordination and management skills are required. For example, there are many techniques and artistic techniques that are not included in "Brand Management", such as a person who does not act in his life, does not understand from photographs and camera, can not shoot artistic forceful photographs or videos, does not understand film, light, music, graphic, It is not possible to create and direct the branding of a person without any education, work experience or ability even in one of them. In order to be able to manage an orchestra, it is necessary to know that at least 4-5 instruments play very well. In Branding Directorate; In addition to technical subjects such as Marketing, Sales, CRM, Product Management, HRM, TQM, PR, it provides information on various artistic subjects such as Graphics, Photography, Video / Film, Web, Architecture, 3D, Decoration, Painting, Music, General culture and world view (many countries in the world have to be seen). Mehmet Ak is a Brand Director / expert with academic education and knowledge that can collect all these things.


a) For companies / brands;
There are 4 main issues in every kind of business;
1- Product (work done, manufactured goods / services),
2- Marketing,
3- Image,
4- Business.

"Brand Management"; "Marketing" and "Image" topics;

2- Marketing,

-------- a) Marketing Management;
-------- -------- 1- Establishment of Marketing Management System,
-------- -------- 2- Establishment of Franchising System,
-------- -------- 3- Establishment of Dealership Organization,
-------- -------- 4- Domestic / foreign market development (import, export)
-------- b) Establishment of Sales Management System,
-------- c) Establishment of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System,

3- Image;
-------- a) Visual Identity,
-------- b) Advertising,
-------- c) PR (Press and Public Relations, Event Management)
-------- d) Social Media.

* Our blessings are given in the following forms;
-------- a) Brand Management (all the works described above
---- ------ done, managed)
-------- b) Brand Management Consultancy (all the studies described above
----------- managed by company managers, managed, we advise)

b) For cities;
* This service is given to municipalities / governorships / district governors who want to brand cities / cities.

* This service; Construction, Architecture, Restoration, Decorations, etc. (City) image by raising the city's attractiveness / attractiveness (quality), and then marketed as investment tourism and tourism by targeting strong advertising, PR and publicity activities.

This service is covered under 3 headings;
1- Product Management (Increasing the attractiveness and quality of the city),
2- Image (Visual Identity, Advertisement and Public Relations Studies)
3- Marketing (City investment and tourism opportunities increase).