The projects we plan and manage from A to Z ...

a) For company / brands;
-------- * Creation of a new brand,
-------- * Management of medium / large projects based on business / brand,
-------- * Reconstruction,
-------- * Medium / large company organization,
-------- * Prevention of fugitives in medium / large companies,
-------- * Establish restaurant / store management and automation system,
-------- * Establishing a franchising system,
-------- * The reorganization of the damaging company,
-------- * Regional development planning,
-------- * Family business organization,
-------- * "Family Company Constitution" preparation,
-------- * "Turquaity" process management,
-------- * "ISO 9000" process management,
-------- * "Total Staff Management",
-------- * Establishment of dealership organization,
-------- * Establishing store chains,
-------- * Opening of foreign markets,
-------- * Opening a store abroad, chain building,
-------- * Domestic / international brand, market, image, research, target audience analysis ...

b) For cities (this is for governorships, municipalities and district governorships);
-------- * Branding a town / city,
-------- * Designing the city for turism,
-------- * Opening, launching,
-------- * All marketing, image and promotion activities of the city,
-------- * The introduction of city investors ...

Project Management



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