Brand Management and Image

    From the 1900s to the present...
    How firm / brand power is formed
    (What is required for success in a business?)
    Brand Management and Marketing
    What is marketing?
    Marketing's "4P"
    Marketing Management systematics
    Marketing Communication Management working systematic;

    a. Examination, research
    Market / market research
    Marketing and Market Analysis
    Target Audience / Consumer analysis
    Brand and Image Analysis
    Product and Product Grouping Analysis
    Turnover Analysis
    Case studies

    b. Reporting

    c. Planning;

    Marketing Strategy / Strategic Planning
    Creating a Brand Management Plan
    Creating a Marketing Plan
    Preparation of to-do / check-lists
    Preparation of the Timing Plan
    Case studies
    D. Apps
    Visual Identity + Advertising + PR (Public Relations)
    Being a brand,
    Creating images
    Brand Image Positioning
    Examples from our work.

    * Our book is sold out, so it is not sold in the market or in bookstores.
    * The price of the very few remaining books is 450 TL including postage.
    * To purchase the book; mehmetak3@gmail.com

    Corporate Identity and Image

    Corporate Identity and Image; Today, it is one of the most important issues for companies and brands...
    This book, in which Mehmet Ak examined and researched these issues in depth, and conveyed his own business life experiences, was published in 1998.

    Here are the main topics in this book that fill an important gap for Advertisers, Public Relations, Graphic Artists, businessmen, senior executives, Brand, Product / Production and Marketing and Sales Managers;
    - Restructuring and processes,
    - Corporate Identity pains in companies / brands,
    - Corporate Identity types,
    - Product ID, Behavior ID, Promotion ID ...
    - Corporate Identity change,
    - Reconstruction,
    - Preliminary studies in corporate identity change,
    - "Personal image" factor in the creation of corporate identity (in managers),
    Dangerous periods in corporate identity studies,
    - Implementing Corporate Identity
    - Corporate Identity and Public Relations,
    - Public Relations and Advertising,
    - The most important element in Corporate Identity; Visual Identity,
    - Visual Identity examples from Turkey,
    - Creating a brand,
    - Brand and Advertising,
    - Brand leagues, brand types,
    - Corporate Brand,
    - Providing corporate image and prestige to companies,
    - Changing the company / brand name,
    - Communication and behavior styles that are effective in gaining prestige for companies,
    - Loss of points for men and women (at workplaces)
    - In-house motivation, Career Planning, rewarding,
    - Corporate Identity successful practices in Turkey...

    * Our book is sold out, so it is not sold in the market or in bookstores.
    * The price of the very few remaining books is 250 TL including the postage fee.
    * To purchase the book; mehmetak3@gmail.com

    Brand Management

    The 156-page "Brand Management" booklet, written by Mehmet Ak and previously distributed with Platin Magazine, is now sold out; not sold in the market, in bookstores..


    * In many newspapers, magazines and internet sites, Mehmet Ak more than 500 scientific articles, columns on specialist subjects writings, interviews with him etc. published; published. 266 scientific articles only in the Financial Forum newspaper and column, most of which was published in full and half pages. Some of them are benefited by the people concerned. In order to present the headings below. Academic purpose, thesis can request from the articles in their articles, by showing the source you can use.

    1- Management, image errors and change pains in problematic companies
    2- "Identity Identity" errors, causes and consequences of the companies...
    3- Gaining respect to companies / brands and Public Relations studies
    4- Aesthetic understanding is required to create a successful brand.
    5- Turkey's current image to determine what it is, how it affects our tourism?
    6- management from a single central requirement for success in Turkey's external publicity!
    8- Company / brand images and "Personal Image"...
    9- "Career Planning", "Human Resources" and "Personal Image" factor in companies...
    10- Restructuring and decision-making process in companies...
    11- Restructuring and research process in companies...
    12- Restructuring and implementation process in companies...
    13- A successful Corporate Identity creates a strong sense of "We"
    14- The future of Product, Service, Behavioral Identity and Corporate Identity
    15- What is Public Relations, how should it be done?
    16- Public Relations problems in companies / brands and their relations with Advertising...
    17- Key points in management, leadership and company success...
    18- Basic principles of creating a brand
    19- Brand creation, brand types and brand movements...
    20- Brand creation, advertising and promotion...
    21- Imitation, correct and effective advertising and "Brand Image" in brand creation...
    22- Problems, mistakes and their reflections in advertising...
    23- Personnel motivation in companies and reflections on internal / external communication
    24- Personnel motivation, rewarding styles and "Interpersonal Communication"...
    25- "Right arm" of managers in companies, manager secretaries and communication...
    26- Problems in the workplace, self-motivation and communication with "superiors"
    28- The importance of the Press in "Lobbying", tips on "Relations with the Press" ...
    29- Lobbying; business of getting an idea ...
    30- Productivity, inefficiency in businesses
    31- Reasons that efficiency depends on ...
    32- What affects productivity in businesses?
    33- How is inefficiency increased in businesses?
    34- Crisis Public Relations Management / 1
    35- Crisis Public Relations Management / 2
    36- "Press Relations" in "Crisis Public Relations" and precautions to be taken before the crisis
    37- Effective communication and promotion are essential for a "4/4" success in a job!
    38- "Body Language" in "Interpersonal Communication"...
    39- Sometimes, we can hide the words if we want, but never our "Body Language"!
    40- An important issue in "Interpersonal Communication"; fields and distances...
    41- Issues we should pay attention to in "Interpersonal Communication" at workplaces / 1
    42- Issues we need to pay attention to in "Interpersonal Communication" at workplaces / 2
    43- Errors made in sponsorship and their consequences
    44- What should be paid attention to in sponsorship?
    45- Why is sponsorship preferred?
    46- Topics and types in sponsorship...
    47- "Sponsorship" as a marketing tool...
    48- What is "Franchising"?
    49- Coverage area in "franchising"
    50- The importance of image in "Franchising"
    51- Image element in "franchising"...
    52- Advantages of "Franchising"...
    53- Disadvantages of the "Franchising" system...
    54- Publicity problem in "Franchising"
    55- Latest situation in "Franchising"...
    56- Image studies for politicians (1)
    57- Image studies for politicians (2)
    58- "Politician Image" is a communication, promotion business!
    59- The secret of success for politicians; good image!
    60- Corporate Identity problems in market chains
    61- Promotion / Communication problems and results in market chains
    62- How are Public Relations work done in market chains?
    63- Personal talent is essential to be a manager!
    64- Personal talent in management
    65- Pros and cons in management
    66- Reasons of inefficiency in radios (1)
    67- Reasons of inefficiency in radios (2)
    69- Inefficiency in radios due to advertisements
    71- Reasons of inefficiency in radios (3)
    72- Radio restructuring
    73- Company front in "promotion"
    74- The importance of vision in "promotion"
    75- "Advertisement" dimension in "promotion"
    76- "Message" dimension in "promotion"
    77- Two important points in "promotion"!
    78- The "outside eye" in "promotion"!
    79- PR studies for hospitals
    83- Research and planning in advertising
    84- Advertising and factors in "Purchasing"
    85- When creating a successful brand
    86- 10 rules in brand creation
    87- Difficulties of creating a brand
    88- Brands and Corporate Identity
    89- Let's be careful while creating a brand!
    90- Brands and the image element...
    91- What do we understand when we say "PR"?
    92- Difficulties of creating a brand...
    94- Communication / Promotion environments
    96- Attention while creating and managing a brand!
    97- How should the corporate magazine be published? (one)
    98- How should the corporate magazine be published? (2nd)
    99- Crisis situations in organizations
    100- Crisis situations in companies and "PR"...
    101- Personnel and internet in crisis situations
    102- Important points in "Crisis Management"...
    103- Tips in "Crisis Management"...
    104- Personal selling and communication techniques
    105- Marketing Oriented Public Relations (MPR)
    106- "Marketing PR" instruments (1)
    107- "Marketing PR" instruments (2)
    108- "Marketing PR" instruments (3)
    109- Personnel Selection and "Career Planning"
    110- Directing managers and employees
    111- Today in Communication and Advertising
    112- Communication and its reflections on the world...
    113- The importance of promotion while participating in fairs...
    114- Communication with customers at fairs...
    115- The importance of visitor registration in fairs...
    116- Etiquette in "Interpersonal Communication"...
    117- How is your company under control?
    118- Communication dimension in international trade...
    119- "Human Resources" consultancy organizations while looking for a job...
    120- A good sales manager for a good sale...
    121- Information is needed first for a good sale...
    122- Training of the salesperson and "Field Contact"...
    123- Salesperson evaluation and motivation
    124- Information, evaluation and communication in "Sales Management"...
    125- Evaluation of the sales manager
    126- Training for "Sales Communication" and "Marketing"...
    127- 11 rules for success in "Sales Communication"!
    128- 6 essential conditions for a good sale ...
    129- What kind of salesperson for a good sale?
    132- Types of Customers in "Sales Communication"
    133- Stages in "Sales Communication".

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