• CV

    Mehmet Ak

    After graduating from Mimar Sinan University - Graphic Arts Department, Mehmet Ak continued his master's and doctoral studies on Marketing Communication (Advertising and Public Relations) at Istanbul University - Faculty of Communication, and also worked on Marketing, Sales, CRM, Human Resources Management, Total Quality Management. He received various trainings on Fashion and Fashion Photography.

    With his academic-based knowledge and extensive work experience, Mehmet Ak provides services to many companies / brands on the following subjects with the integration of 3 companies;
    * Brand Creation and Management,
    * Brand Value Calculation (Judicial Reporting, Opinion Writing on Execution, Bankruptcy, Kondordato, Capital Increase, etc.),
    * Franchising / Dealership Management (System, Image Creation, Management, Marketing)
    * Marketing, domestic and international business and market development,
    * Project management,
    * Digital Marketing (E-Tiaret, SEO, Social Media Management, Digital Advertising, Digital PR),
    * Corporate / Brand Image Design, (Advertising, Graphics, Photography, Video, Web...),
    * Press and Public Relations...

    On the other hand, Mehmet Ak gives training seminars to the business world and lectures in his fields of expertise at various universities;
    Ege University - Faculty of Communication; 3 years,
    Dokuzeylül University - Faculty of Fine Arts; 3 years,
    Istanbul University - Faculty of Communication; 15 years,
    Istanbul Aydin University - Faculty of Communication; 3 years,
    Istanbul Gelişim University - Faculty of Fine Arts; 2 years,
    Istanbul Kent University - Faculty of Fine Arts (ongoing)
    He has more than 500 articles, articles and interviews published in various newspapers and magazines (366 full-page articles and articles were published in Financial Forum Newspaper alone in 5 years), and he is a guest on various TV programs related to his subject. Mehmet Ak is a Forensic Expert + Concordat Commissioner in his areas of expertise.

    Experience abroad;
    - Germany (Berlin, Munster, Hannofer, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Studgart, Franhfurt, Munich)
    - Austria (Salzburg, Innsburg, Graz, Vienna),
    - America (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Washington DC, Orlando, Miami)
    - Bulgaria (Sofia),
    - Czechoslovakia (Prague),
    - Cyprus (Girne, Magosa, Nicosia),
    - Hungary (Budapest),
    - France (Nice, Cannes, Monte-Carlo),
    - England (London, Burneoumouth, Playmouth, Bermingham, Liverpool, Oxford),
    - Spain (Bercelona, Madrid),
    - Sweden (Stockholm),
    - Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich),
    - Iran (Tehran),
    - Italy (Brindisi, Napoli, Florange, Rome, Milan),
    - Canada (Montreal),
    - Slovenia (Lubliana),
    - Greece (Thessaloniki, Athens, Rhodes, Kos),
    - Yugoslavia (Zagreb, Maribor).

    Mehmet Ak's published books;
    1- Corporate Identity / Image (1997),
    2- Brand Management (published in 2006 as Platin Magazine as an appendix),
    3- Brand Management and Image (2011).


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