Mehmet Ak

After graduating from Mimar Sinan University - Graphic Arts Department, Mehmet Ak, who mastered Public Relations / Marketing Communication at Istanbul University - Communication Faculty and continued his PhD studies (1993 - 1997), studied photography for 4 years while studying photography, He has received various trainings on Sales, CRM, HRM and Total Quality Management for 2 years.

Mehmet Ak, who specializes in "Brand Management and Image" with his academic background knowledge and intensive work experience, has been in the scope of Brand Management, Marketing, Advertisement, Public Relations and Image subjects (Graphic, Photography , Film, 3D, Web ...) while providing lectures on expertise in Istanbul University, Istanbul Aydın University and Istanbul AREL University. Giving training seminars in the business world.

There are about 300 scientific articles and articles published between 2002-2005 in Mehmet Ak's Financial Forum Newspaper as well as about 500 articles, articles and interviews published in many other journals and newspapers to date.

Experience abroad;
- Germany (Berlin, Munster, Hannofer, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Studgart, Franhfurt, Munich)
- Austria (Salzburg, Innsburg, Graz, Vienna),
- America (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Washington DC, Orlando, Miami)
- Bulgaria (Sofia),
- Czechoslovakia (Prague),
- Cyprus (Girne, Magosa, Nicosia),
- Hungary (Budapest),
- France (Nice, Cannes, Monte-Carlo),
- England (London, Burneoumouth, Playmouth, Bermingham, Liverpool, Oxford),
- Spain (Bercelona, Madrid),
- Sweden (Stockholm),
- Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich),
- Iran (Tehran),
- Italy (Brindisi, Napoli, Florange, Rome, Milan),
- Canada (Montreal),
- Slovenia (Lubliana),
- Greece (Thessaloniki, Athens, Rhodes, Kos),
- Yugoslavia (Zagreb, Maribor).

Mehmet Ak's published books;
1- Corporate Identity / Image (1997),
2- Brand Management (published in 2006 as Platin Magazine as an appendix),
3- Brand Management and Image (2011).