(Brand Value Accounting)...

    What is brand value?

    "Brand Value"; in the life process of a brand, Name (Brand Name), Product / Production, Packaging, Marketing (+Digital Marketing), Sales, Visual Identity, Advertising (+Digital Advertising), PR (Public Relations / Public Relations), +Digital PR, Social Media Management, Sales, CRM, Business and Management System etc. It is a value created as a result of many activities such as

    An important issue; who can calculate brand value?

    For "Brand Creation and Management", knowledge (university level trainings) and work experience are required in the following subjects. These;
    * Brand Management,
    * Marketing,
    * Sales,
    * Digital marketing,
    * Advert,
    * PR (Public Relations / Public Relations),
    * CRM,
    * Graphic Arts
    can be sorted. And brands are created and managed by experts/experts who have mastered these issues. The expertise of the brand expert is directly proportional to how much of these subjects he has mastered. When these are the fields of brand creation and management, the calculation of the value of a brand should / should be done by experts who are competent in the same subjects. In other words, the most important starting point for the "Calculation of Brand Value" is directly proportional to the correct selection of the expert / experts who will do this calculation.

    How to go about this?

    Today, Medicine, Law, etc. Many fields, other than those that require a diploma (subjects with a legal requirement for a diploma), such as To be an expert in a subject, you must first have higher education (university level) + work experience in that line of business. An average of 10 years of work experience is required to become a master in any subject, and at least 15 years of work experience to become an expert. For a brand expert, first of all, it is necessary to be educated at the university level in the above-mentioned subjects + a minimum of 15 years of work experience in these business lines.

    The parameters examined, researched and evaluated in brand value calculations;

    1. Life span of the company / brand (the date the brand was first used),
    2. The first registration date of the trademark,
    3. Registration status of the trademark as a "Recognized Trademark" in the presence of TPI,
    4. Whether the trademark is registered in foreign countries, in which countries it is registered,
    5. The quality of the branded product,
    6. The position of the company / brand, the end of the segment, the number of target audiences accordingly,
    7. The brand's national and international recognition, recognition status, approximate / average number,
    8. The latest social, cultural, political and economic situations of the country, the world,
    9. Competitor firm/brands,
    10. Market share / market share relative to competitor companies / brands,
    11. Whether there is a website belonging to the brand, the first purchase of the domain, the date of the first publication of the site,
    12. Company / brand image (Works on Marketing, Digital Marketing, Visual Identity, Advertising, PR, Social Media Management),
    13. Employed Advertising, PR firms, wages paid to them,
    14. Marketing, Promotion, Advertising, PR works, fees paid to them,
    15. Company / brand reputation,
    16. Company / brand perception,
    17. Trust in the company / brand,
    18. Loyalty, loyalty to the company / brand,
    19. Analysis of the firm/brand's own market (Data from the Press, Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, etc.) (For example, the rank of the firm/brand among the top 100 or 500 companies of Turkey in 10 or 5 years in the list of tax record holders, etc.). ),
    20. The situation in the internet environment (for small brands that have not created much value, not a single image or news can be found in search engines, while pages full of logos, information, documents, news, etc.) can be found in medium or large-scale brands. The scarcity, abundance, density of pages, their display status in the lower or upper secrets, etc. can give us important ideas about the company / brands),
    21. Turnover and profitability performances in the last 10 / 5 years, using the brand for which the company value will be calculated,
    22. The reason for selling the brand owned by the company...
    * Mehmet Ak is a brand expert who has a close knowledge of 100% in all of the above-mentioned "Brand Creation and Management" subjects.
    * Mehmet Ak has many references on "Brand Value Calculation and Reporting".
    * Brand value; it is calculated as a separate value separately from the company, factory, building, facility, tool, equipment (other than these),
    * Calculation of brand value, small, medium or large scales, surveys conducted on average / with approximately 10 to 1000 people / more, by the teams we have formed according to the size of the research, examinations in different environments and field researches, etc. It is calculated and reported within a period of 1 to 4 months, depending on the data obtained as a result and the size of the brand for which the value will be calculated.
    * Reports can be prepared in the form of forensic reports, opinions.

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