Mehmet Ak on BEYKEBT TV... / 19 July 2018
Mehmet Ak on BEYKENT TV with Işılay Gedikwas the invitation of the program "Bizbize" prepared and presented by the lady.

Mehmet Ak invited to DOSTSIAD.. / 1 June 2018
Mehmet Ak attended the meeting organized by the DOSTSIAD Businessmen's Platform, which will soon become an association, on the iftar invitation and overseas studies. Mehmet Ak shared the investment opportunities and work experience related to the Iranian and Iranian Market, which he has been conducting various projects with DOSTSIAD members for a long time. I would like to thank DOSTSIAD for the opportunity to meet with our valued businessmen with this invitation, and wish you success in your work.

Mehmet Ak started consulting with Ekşioğlu Construction... / 16 April 2018
Mehmet Ak started to work as a brand and marketing consultant for Eksioglu Construction, which makes constructions in Istanbul, Izmit, Sakarya and Tekirdag. Mehmet AK Eksioglu Construction will work on the development of the Iranian, Azarbeycan and Russian markets, mainly in Sakarya - Karasu and Sapanca. For information;

Mehmet Ak has given training to Eurasian Hospitals ... / 16 February 2018
Mehmet Ak has been providing consultancy services for 8 years of Media and Public Relations and gave training on "Brand Management and Personal Branding in Hospitals" to a group of about 100 managers and staff of Eurasia Hospitals.

Mehmet Ak in Iran... / 20 January 2018
Mehmet Ak, who is in Iran for some projects management and consultancy work, talked with some businessmen and the Deputy Mayor of Tehran on branding studies.

Mehmet Ak in Iran... / 17 January 2018
Mehmet Ak has interviewed top executives of various organizations in Iran for the management and consultancy work of some projects.

We started working with PHANTASO... / June 15, 2017
We started PHANTASO brand which is producing freight in the cosmetics sector for 14 years and firstly to establish the cosmetics chain in Iran market and to work for branding and.

Kaşif Çocuk Akademisi opens branch 5... / 20 May 2017
Kaşif Çocuk Akademisi opened 5th branch in Istanbul, which we are giving Brand Management Consultancy and Image studies services for 5 years. We wish the success to continue

Baıbay celebrated the 25th anniversary... / 14 February 2017
We have started to work with "Batıbay Customs Brokerage" firm which is in the middle order about 14 years ago when there are about 900 companies in the customs consultancy sector. We have been working together with brand management and image work for 14 years and Batıbay took its place among the top 10 companies in the first 5 years. Batıbay is one of the first secrets in the customs consultancy sector in Turkey today. Batıbay celebrated its 25th anniversary at Cinar Hotel-Istanbul with the concept of "there is power in the West" prepared by Mehmet Ak on 14 February 2017. More nice for 25 years Batıbay...

Mehmet Ak on Business Channel... / 29 January 2017
Brand Director Mehmet Ak was the first guest of the "It's Brand" program on the Business Channel. In the program, various aspects of "How to create a brand", "How to make a successful advertising" was discussed, spoken...

Mehmet Ak in Kultur University in Istanbul... / 15 January 2017
Brand Director Mehmet Ak gave a seminar to the students of the Culture University Advertising Department for two hours. In the seminar, "How to make a good advertisement" was explained. In Turkey, bad advertisements published in newspapers and magazines in the last 20 years were examined.

PEBCO Holding (Iran) senior management in Turkey... / August 15, 2016
Mehmet Ak, who is the foreign trade representative of PEBCO Holding in Tehran / Iran, which is mainly operating in the electronics and media sector in Turkey, has been in contact with various executives in Istanbul with the top executives from Iran.

İstanbul Köftecisi gave first franchising / 02 May 2016
Brand Management and Franchising Management System written by Mehmet Ak, opened in Sirkeci in 1923 İstanbul Köftecisi, which is Turkey's one of oldest restaurants ("100 Historical Restaurant" (Author: Dr. Oğuz Erkara, Cinius Publications, 2010), will open its first franchising restaurant in Modern East shopping center Umraniye-Istanbul.

Mehmet Ak in Beykent University in Istanbul.../ 03 November 2015
Brand Director Mehmet Ak has come together with the first and fourth grade students of Beykent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Arts Department. The conference on "Brand Management and Graphics" was very productive.

We started branding with Kula Municipality / 01 Aguost 2015
Old Kula Houses known to be 2800 people from the Ottoman era started to work for the branding of the city in an agreement with the municipality of Kula county of Manisa waiting to be opened for tourism with its volcanoes, Yunus Emre, hot springs, beautiful people, natural beauties. With all our wishes to be good.

Mehmet Ak gave training to Spor Toto Presidency / 23 July 2015
Brand Director Mehmet Ak gave a seminar to in the fields of Brand Management, Press and Public Relations.Spor Toto in Ankara about Brand Management, Press and Public Relations.

We are creating a new brand / 01 July 2015
In Beyoğlu, Kasımpaşa, Kağıthane and Hasköy (Istanbul), we are continuing to create a new brand for "ISAS Inşsaat" which we started in July 2015. The "Beyoğlu Houses" image practices have started to be implemented in various places.

Mehmet Ak in Kula Municipality
/ 26 April 2015
Mehmet Ak gave a seminar to Kula Mayor about "City Branding".

Mehmet Ak gave training to Datça Municipality / 14 February 2015
Mehmet Ak gave some seminars for 3 days to Datça Municipality and its employees about "City Branding".

Mehmet Ak gave training to Tukish Airlines / 24 January 2015
Mehmet Ak gave a seminar to Tukish Airlines which is the biggest and strongest brand in Turkey and on the world about "Brand Management and Advertising".

Mehmet Ak in Bilgi University in Istanbul... / 15 December 2014
Mehmet Ak gave a seminar to the students in the Brand, Advertising and Public Relations Faculty in Bilgi University about "Brand Management and Advertising".

We started to working to Seyidoğlu Baklavaları for image / 12 November 2014
We have started to work on Brand Management and Image of Seyidoğlu Baklavaları and different product groups which have an important place in Turkish baklava market.

A new brand in the "Building Market" sector: ERT
/ 01 September 2014
The brand management and image studies that we started in ERT Yapı Market in August 2014, which has been serving in the "Construction Market" sector for a long time and exported to foreign markets, continues

We are creating a new fashion brand in Turkey; Brandy's.
/ 01 February 2014
Brandy's stores, such as Calvin Klein, Gottex Mayo, Silver, Donna Victoria, Lunadi Seta and Lidai, will be sold to the world's famous clothing brands. They say "Hello" to Turkey with 3 stores to be opened in Istanbul-A Plus, Izmir-Alsancak and Ankara.

We started to work with MENDO'S and Calvin Klein /
01 November 2013
Calvin Klein, Gottex Swimwear, Silver, Donna Victoria, Lunadi Seta, Lidai, the world's famous underwear, swimwear and clothing brands We started brand management studies of MENDO'S and Calvin Klein stores that were sold.

Mehmet Ak at Kadirli Municipality
/ 17 September 2013
3 days seminar dedicated to the branding of the Kadirli city, which is in Osmaniye province in our county, was conducted by Mehmet Ak. Seminar was attended by all the municipal employees, including the Municipality mayor's visit.

Mehmet Ak started to provide courses in the university
/ 15 September 2013
A lecturer at several universities Mehmet Ak started to provide lessons about Corporate Identity and Conception in Istanbul University for Communication Faculty and in Istanbul Aydin University for Brand Management Faculty.

Mehmet Ak in Gaziantep, for Flora Carpet...
/ 27 August 2013
Flora Halı is a new carpet brand in our country, wich took "Brand Management and Conception" training from Mehmet Ak to learn about branding and to make right steps in this field in the future. The senior management of Flora Carpet also joined the group training. So we wish success to Flora Halı.

Mehmet Ak in Yucel Tonguch College, Urla-Izmir... / 24 August 2013
As Brand Academy we organized consulting about Brand Management and Conception in Izmir Yucel Tonguch College. Mehmet Ak gave a training "Brand Management and Conception".

Mehmet Ak gave a seminar "Cities' Branding" for Governorship in Diyarbakir...
/10 July 2013
Mehmet Ak gave the seminar "Cities' Branding" about developing brands in cities for the deputy governor of Diyarbakir city and governors. The seminar was very useful.

Mehmet Ak gave a seminar "Cities' Branding" in Göksun
/ 30 June 2013
Mehmet Ak gave the seminar "Cities' Branding" for the first governor and city's mayor in Göksun city, province of Kahramanmarash, about possibilities of city's branding which consisted of 3 separate sections. 5 days in Göksun Mehmet Ak spent in visits and investigations. The seminar was very useful.

Mehmet Ak gave a training in KOSGEB... / 9 May 2013
Mehmet Ak gave a seminar "Strategic Marketing and Branding" in KOSGEB center in Istanbul and the meeting was attended by about 100 participants. Consultancy services were also provided with practice examples. The seminar was very productive.

Istanbul Köftecisi is starting to give franchising.../
8 May 2013
Restaurant with Turkey's 90-year flavor, Istanbul Köftecisi is going to give franchising. One of the most leading specialists of branding in our country Mehmet Ak began to work at Franchising management system and Conception for Istanbul Köftecisi Restaurant. The opening of new franchising restaurants is starting after 2014 after applications' evaluation.
More information:

Mehmet Ak made a Sales seminar for "2M KABLO"
/ 26 January 2013
Mehmet Ak has provided consulting services seminar for "2M CABLE" to increase work of the company's sales department.

Mehmet Ak gave seminars at the tea sector in Rize / 8-10 January 2013
Mehmet Ak was sharing the information about increasing tea brands during a 3-day seminar in Rize for senior executives of the industry.

2M KABLO factory opened a new building / 6 June 2012
2M CABLE Company, serviced by us for the Brand Management and Conception consulting, in the framework of conception work that we're providing, moved to a new factory building with 10,000 m2 area in Silivri.

We started Brand Management works for Cellini Massage Chairs / 24 September 2011
We started to work on developing branding and franchising system for the leading brand in massage chairs' industry - Cellini Massage Chairs.

Training For Nevshehir Municipality / 14 September 2011
In Nevsehir Municipality Mehmet Ak gave an educational training about city's branding and its progress, Public Communication and connected issues.

Mehmet Ak provided a Brand Management training for Medicine Hospital / 15 May 2011
Mehmet Ak provided a Brand Management training for 3 Medicine Hospitals located in Istanbul Bagcilar, Pendik and in Kosova. Many senior executives participated in the training.

We started to work for 2M KABLO's Brand Management and Conception
/ 14 April 2011
We started to work for Brand Management and Conception consults for the largest in Turkey cable manufacture company to develop branding and marketing of the 2M KABLO to higher level.

Burda continues to open new stores in Istanbul
/ 14 January 2011
Burda, for which we are providing consultancy services, already has 20 stores in Istanbul, a supermarket in shopping mall in Izmir and continues to open new stores. The latest Burda's store that has opened on January,14, 2011 also says "Hello" to Yenibosna.

Mehmet Ak provided a seminar at Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
/ 2 October 2010
In the framework of cooperation with Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mehmet Ak provided a seminar "Public Relations".

Mehmet Ak wrote for "Local Government" magazine / 30 December 2009
The owner of academic-based knowledge and many years experience-based knowledge in branding of products, companies and private sector business, Mehmet Ak, has provided a lot of work in recent years for the accumulation these knowledge and providing it to municipalities in a way the city can get a various platforms to work in branding. Recently he prepared a study "Cities can be branded?" for the municipality, which was published in the "Local Government" magazine in its September-October, 2009 and November-December, 2009 issues.

Mehmet Ak gave an interview for "Food World" magazine
/ 15 December 2009
"Food World" magazine which is one of the leading magazines about food industry in Turkey has published an interview with Mehmet Ak "Food industry and Branding" in its December 2009 issue.

Mehmet Ak gave a training for STARPET / 14 November 2009
Mehmet Ak gave a Brand Management training for top management of STARPET Company in the center of Mersin. STARPET is operated with 400 petrol stations and is one of the most important companies of the oil industry.

Mehmet Ak provided trainings to various cities' municipalities / 9 October 2009
Mehmet Ak has prepared trainings in the framework of "Cities' Branding" consultations. He provided it during June, July, August and September in:
Training seminars were given to mayors of towns/cities and municipalities' senior managers. Our seminars are going on.

Interview with Mehmet Ak for Energy - Oil - Gas newspaper
/ 15 September 2009
Interview with Mehmet Ak was related to reasons of increasing numbers of petrol stations in recent years and inefficiency of these brands in oil industry.

Mehmet Ak became a consultant of the National Productivity Centre / 16 June 2009
Mehmet Ak widely consults private sector companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to increase the efficiency of public institutions and organizations. Therefore he joined to the staff of trainers and consultants of the National Productivity Centre which is providing training and consultancy services. Together they will work mainly for companies' consultations in Brand Management and in municipalities' consultations in Cities' Branding.

Mehmet Ak at Bursa - Yeshim Textile / 28 May 2009
Mehmet Ak was a guest in Bursa's largest organization where about 6,000 people are working - Yeshim Textile Company. Speaking with the organization's Corporate Communications Department Mehmet Ak shared with Yeshim Textile's employees his knowledge and experience about "Personal Conception" issues.

Mehmet Ak was invited by Adana's Governor
/ 27 May 2009
Mehmet Ak was invited to Adana Governor's Office to present a project "Cities are in branding". In the meeting at Adana Seyhan Hotel the guests made a 3 hours- presentation included main subjects of city's management and activities for city's branding. "Brand Management and City's Branding" presentation was very useful.

Mehmet Ak made a presentation for the National Productivity Center / 25 May 2009
Mehmet Ak has made 2-hours presentation "Brand Management and City's Branding" of the on-demand project "Cities are in Branding" for the National Productivity Center. The Center provides trainings and consultancy services for private sector companies, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises to increase the efficiency of public institutions and organizations.

Interview with Mehmet Ak in Bursa Event Newspaper
/ 17 May 2009
Bursa Event Newspaper has published an interview with Mehmet Ak about his Project "Cities are in Branding" which explains what subjects/criterias does city's branding consist with.

Mehmet Ak in Marmara University / 16 May 2009
Mehmet Ak gave a 2-hours lecture about "Brand Management and Hospitals' Public Relations" for students of Hospital Management Certificate Program in Marmara University's College of Health.

Mehmet Ak visited Bursa Public Relations Association
/ 14 May 2009
Mehmet Ak made 2-hours presentation "Brand Management and City's Branding" of the project "Cities are in Branding" at the event organized by the Association of Bursa Public Relations.

Mehmet Ak at Bursa's AS TV
/ 13 May 2009
Mehmet Ak presented a project "Cities are in Branding" at the program "Marginal Utility" at AS TV in Bursa. Discussed issues of the program were why our cities are not branded and what is done for cities' branding.

Mehmet Ak at Expo Channel / 12 May 2009
Mehmet Ak was a guest of the program "Expo Business" at Expo Channel. The program was focused on the subject of branding possibilities of our city.

Mehmet Ak at T-Channel / 27 April 2009
Wide known as brand management expert Mehmet Ak is providing consultancy, services of implementation of many products for private sector, integrated trainings and design services for companies and cities' brands. T-Channel was wnterested in "Cities' Branding" issue and therefore invited Mehmet Ak to the program "Sector Real", where he explained in details the reasons for cities' branding.

Third issue of ARMA PR Journal was published; "Cities' Branding"
/ 15 March 2009

Mehmet Ak gave a conference at Istanbul Aydin University / 17 February 2009
During the conference at Isyanbul Aydin University (Istanbul) Mehmet Ak shared information about "Corporate Identity and Institutionalization" with about 500 students and university's members.

Mehmet Ak gave a conference at Süleyman Demirel University in Isparta, Yalvac
/ 26 December 2008
Within the framework of an organization organized by Süleyman Demirel University-Communication Faculty students, Mehmet Ak shared his knowledge with about 200 students in "Brand Management and Public Relations". The presentations attended by many people from the business world of Yalvaç district attracted great interest.

Mehmet Ak gave a conference at Istanbul University, Faculty of Industrial Engineering / 10 October 2008
"Turkey Industrial Engineering Student Meetings", considered as Turkey's largest student organization in terms of participation and content; 26th of TEMOB was organized in İstanbul between 7-11 October 2008 by students from universities in many cities of Turkey with the organization of Industrial Engineering Department of Istanbul University. Mehmet Ak told students the subtleties of "Brand Management" in this big organization, where many experts were involved in Industrial Engineering as speakers.

Batıbay offered to use "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" Program
/ 23 September 2008
In the framework of the Brand Management Plan we have prepared, Westbay Customs Brokerage, which has been conducting Brand Management and Image consultancy for about 5 years, has integrated "Microsoft Dynamics CRM", a broad-based CRM program, in order to increase Customer Satisfaction. Success story was published in Mikrosoft magazine.

BURDA AVM opened in Izmir / 29 Augost 2008
Brand Management and Image consultancy, Burda has opened its first shopping mall in Izmir, based on 20.000 m2. The intense advertising campaign before the opening of the Burda Shopping Center, which is the biggest local hipmark of the Aegean, has created a much higher density than expected and shopping center came in 200,000 people in a week.

Interview with Mehmet Ak published in "Bizim Market" magazine / 10 Augost 2008
Our successful work at Burda Markler, where we conduct brand management and image consultancy, has also attracted media interest. One of the nicest, most successful and influential magazines of the market sector, "Our Market" featured three pages on the interview.

We started to Gence Tekstil for image / 5 July 2008
Gence Textile, which is predominantly in the textile market for women, men and children, will pass on a new image to its new giant factory building.

Mehmet Ak was a member of the jury in the photography contest organized jointly by Beyoğlu Municipality and Rebul
/15 May 2008
A photograph competition named "Beyoğlu Rebul Smelling" was organized with the support of Istanbul - Beyoğlu Municipality because of the 113th anniversary of the Rebul brand, which is among the cultural symbols of Istanbul. The members of the jury were Müjdat Gezen, Hıncal Uluç, Zeynep Tunuslu, Kani Atmaca, Tufan Kartal, Mehmet Müderrisoğlu and Mehmet Ak'tan.

"Burda Market"s opens with new images
/ 15 April 2008
The new stores of "BURDA Market"s, where we carry out our image studies, are rapidly opening behind one with the adaptation of the new image we designed. The image that we have created from the log of BURDA 17th store in Zeytinburnu on the 11th of April to the designs of the store decorations, staff suits, trucks, inserts has won the public great pleasure.

An ınterview with Mehmet Ak, in ORYA Actual Magazine / 10 April 2008
"ORYA Actual" which started to be published this year but took a different place in a short time from design to quality, from design to quality, included an interview titled "Brand is knowledge" with Mehmet Ak.

We started to TEKNO for image
/ 5 April 2008
We started to work on the brand management and image of TEKNO, the leading company / brand in sales and leasing of tower cranes and asphalting facilities in the construction sector in Turkey with TEKNOVINC brand.

Mehmet Ak geve a conferance in Germany
/ 8 February 2008
Mehmet Ak gave a lecture on "Brand Management" to Turkish businessmen and managers in Hannover. 40 people attended the reception for 3 hours.

Mehmet Ak was the speaker of the 2nd "Local Government Summit" / 2 February 2008
Speaking at the "Local Development Process in Local Development Process / Local Authorities Summit" held in İstanbul / The Green Park Hotel by "Federation of Three Lake Basin Municipalities and İSİDEF / Istanbul Industrialists and Businessmen Associations", Mehmet Ak gave a speech on "The Jobs of the Future" made.

We finished image studies of "BURDA Markets"/ 28 January 2008
İstanbul'a yepyeni bir marketler zinciri "Merhaba" diyecek. Şu an 12 marketle, yepyeni, kuvvetli bir imajla start alacak olan zincir, 2008 yılı sonuna kadar 25 markete erişecek. İmaj Mehmet Ak'ın kreatif direktörlüğünde, B1 segmentinde A2dan Z'ye dizayn edildi.

Mehmet Ak geve a conferance in Germany / 8 December 2008
Mehmet Ak gave a lecture on "Brand Management" to Turkish businessmen and managers in Hannover. 40 people attended the reception for 3 hours.

We started to TUREX's image studies
/ 25 November 2007
With 3000 vehicles (cars, buses, minibuses, etc.), we started TUREX's Brand Management and Image projects from Turkey's biggest personnel transport, car rental and city transportation companies.

Mehmet Ak in Sakarya University / 19 November 2007
Mehmet Ak in Sakarya University gave a 2 hour lecture on "Brand Management" at the invitation of the students of the Faculty of Business Administration. Many students attended the conference.

We started to BURDA Markets-Izmir image studies / 5 November 2007
BURDA AVM's chain, which will be composed of shopping centers with an indoor area of 10.000 m2 on average in İzmir and its region, opens in Izmir in February. While the opening of the first center came to an end, Brand Management and Image creation studies started rapidly under the direction of Mehmet Ak.

ARMA PR Newsletter Bulletin # 1 published / 01 August 2007

We started to MAPA image studies / 04 July 2007
We started to work on the image of MAPA from Turkey's largest, the world's 4th largest automotive supplier manufacturers. Priority studies were given to studies in Gebze.

Mehmet Ak at CRM (Customer Relations Management) Summit / 03 July 2007
Mehmet Ak Boğaziçi Training & amp; Consultancy attended the CRM Summit held in Maslak-Sheroton Hotel-Istanbul as a speaker. THY, Green Kundura, Türkiye Finans Participation Bank, Fiba Real Estate, Tubitak, Fortis Bank, Global Bilgi, Bilkent Hotel, T. İş Bankası, Teacher Socks, İzeltaş, Borusan Otomotiv, Soyak and many other top executives of our country. Mehmet Ak pointed out that in the coming years, image in brand management and CRM will be the most important dimension.

Image studies in FUNIKA Holding / 20 June 2007
Since 2002, we have started to work on image of FUNIKA branded products after the corporate image studies of FUNIKA Holding which is carried out in Denizli since 2002. FUNIKA, which has a good market for bathrobes and towels abroad, has produced collections suitable for the concept of "Home wear" which was created for the first time in Turkey after various technical preparations made and started the branding process in the inner market. At the moment, we have accelerated the brand image studies of FUNIKA which is doing its sales through 150 dealers.

Mehmet Ak gave training to Gebze Municipality
/ 25 May 2007
Mehmet Ak gave training for 3 days to the Gebze Municipality where he conducted corporate image studies and counseling. Topics of training; "Corporate Culture, People-Focused Management" to the municipality top management "Corporate Image, Public Communication" was the "Corporate PR" to the personnel of public relations ... A total of more than 300 institutional personnel participated in the trainings.

Mehmet Ak in DEHA TV (Denizli) / 05 May 2007
Mehmet Ak participated in the "Life Conversations" program at DEHA TV from the biggest TV organizations in the region during an inspection visit to FUNIKA Holding, where he conducted Brand and Image studies for 3.5 years and conducted Brand Management Consultancy. Mehmet Ak was informed about Brand Management and Brand and Image studies in FUNIKA.

Mehmet Ak is again at Boğaziçi University this month / 20 April 2007
Mehmet Ak gave a seminar on "Brand Management" to Business and Economics students at the invitation of Boğaziçi University.

Mehmet Ak in Bosphorus University - Istanbul / 6 April 2007
Mehmet Ak gave a seminar on "Brand Management" to Business and Economics students at the invitation of Boğaziçi University.

We started to work on image of Gebze Municipality /15 Mart 2007
In November 2006 we started to work on redesigning the Visual Identity of the municipality following the training on "Branding of the City" which we gave upon the invitation of the Municipality of Gebze.

"KIM Hypermarkets" image work completed / 10 January 2007
The new visual identity, designed from A to Z, was quickly applied. KİM Markets increases the number of markets to 30 by opening new markets in different districts of Istanbul this month. Press and Public Relations activities of KIM Markets will be carried out for 2 years by our company ARMA PR.

Mehmet Ak's writings in STATUS / 1 January 2007
Monthly magazines that guide my business world STATUS 'January 1, Mehmet Ak's "Political campaigns how successful?" has been published.

Mehmet Ak's writings in STATUS / 1 December 2007
STATUS started to publish the writings of Mehmet Ak from monthly magazines that guide my business world. First article; "Cities can be branded?" published in December.

Mehmet Ak gave training to Gebze Municipality / 21 November2006
All top management and the President personally participated in the training on "Branding of Cities".

We started to work with "KIM Hypermarkets" / 1 November 2006
There is a new hypermarket chain with 25 stores in Istanbul; KİM Marketplaces ... Brand Management and Image studies are continuing rapidly under the management of Mehmet Ak.

Interview with Mehmet Ak; at Platin Magazine / 1 November 2006
Platinum Magazine interviewed Brand Consultant Mehmet Ak. In the interview, it was mentioned that the branding of cities and countries could be branded like a product and it was highlighted that one of the most important things in the branding process should be the vision of the managers.

We have finished the EAE's image studies with the world's largest electricity companies. / 15 October 2006
We finished the image studies of EAE, which is one of the biggest 12 biggest electricity companies in Turkey and 90% of the market in Turkey.

Mehmet Ak was invited by Bursa Public Relations Association / 23 September 006
Mehmet Ak, who went to Bursa for the promotion cocktail of the first issue of the "EOS MARKER" magazine published by EOS PR for Bursa and its region for Marketing, Advertisement and PR world, invited members of the association to the "Bursa Contact Association" made a presentation.

Mehmet Ak on Bursa AS TV
/ 23 September 2006
During his visit to Bursa, Mehmet Ak was a guest in the morning program at AS TV, which is broadcasting to Bursa and its region. Mainly "Branding of the cities" was spoken.

PLATIN Magazine distributes Mehmet Ak's "Brand Management" book this month / 4 September 2006
PLATIN, one of the most important and highest circulation magazines that our business world has followed in Turkey, is presenting to all its readers this month with the booklet "Brand Management"

Mehmet Ak gave training to Ankara - Etimesgut Municipality
/ 1 - 2 - 3 September 2006
Mehmet Ak gave a training on "Public Relations and Customer Relationship Management" for 3 days to the employees of PR department of Ankara - Etimesgut Municipality in the frame of restructuring studies. A total of 20 employees received a high level of training.

Mehmet Ak on "EXPO Channel TV" / 21 Augost 2006
Brand Management Advisor Mehmet Ak joined the "Expo Business" program on "Brand Management" live with the Marketing Manager of MOMENTUS Watches, which has been providing consulting services for over a year. The program, which lasted 45 minutes, was published 3 times.

Mehmet Ak was the invitation of "MUSIAD - Konya" / 17 June 2006
The "MÜSİAD - Konya" branch organized a one-day "Brand Management" seminar so that its members could be informed technically about branding. The 6 hour training given by Brand Management Consultant Mehmet Ak attended many businessmen and managers.

Mehmet Ak was invited by Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry / 18 May 2006
Brand Management Consultant Mehmet Ak, who was invited as a speaker at the "5th Mersin Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Symposium" held within the scope of "1st Mersin Agriculture Products Fair" made a 2 hour presentation about "Branding".

We started the Brand Management and Image studies in EAE from the biggest electric companies in the world / 15 April 2006
We started to work on Brand Management and Image with EAE which is one of the biggest 12 biggest electricity companies in Turkey. Establishment of Corporate Image and Marketing Communication subjects mainly started with the Brand Management seminar given by Mehmet Ak for 45 EAE senior management staff.

Mehmet Ak gave education to USIAD / 15 February 2006
In order to inform businessmen of ÜSİAD (Association of Productive Industrialists and Businessmen), Mehmet Ak'tan, a brand expert, received training in "Brand Management".

Mehmet Ak gave education to MOMENTUS / 16 January 2006
Mehmet Ak's management of brand and image work is very important to the training, the operation of the company / brand top management is injecting information on a variety of topics. Mehmet Ak gave a detailed "Brand Management, Marketing and Sales" training to the Marketing and Sales team for 45 hours and the Marketing and Sales team for 8 hours.

Yüksel Group is in the "Food Fair"
/ 8 December 2005
Yüksel Group has participated in CNR / Yeşilköy Food Fair with its new image. We have 4 different companies in Turkey and 2 factories in Istanbul and Bursa, serving many institutions and organizations (average 220.000 people per day) serving catering and branding and image studies.

Mehmet Ak is in Germany / 18 November 2005
Mehmet Ak, a brand management consultant, has had various contacts in Berlin, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich in Germany for 3 weeks with the presentation of a university project and his brand and image studies, consulting and implementation services. He made representational agreements on the works.

Invitation of Mehmet Ak "Development Platform" / 31 Augost 2005
A large number of people attended the seminar organized by the "Development Platform", which defines the theme of this month as "Branding and Brand Management", in Esentepe central building. Mehmet Ak told about the technical dimensions of Turkey that are very little known.

Mehmet Ak trained to "Home Sweet Home" / 2 Augost 22005
Home Sweet Home top management Mehmet Ak'tan received the "Brand Management" seminar from Turkey's known home textile brands.

Brand and image studies in MOMENTUS / 5 July
Momentus, who has been conducting a brand new management and image change studies and redesigned Visual Identity, has been put into practice. The MOMENTUS Sisli shop was decorated by our company Scala. The commercial movie we created in 3D is now starting to show on some TV channels.

Mehmet Ak at Boğaziçi University / 27 May 2005
During the training program organized by BÜMED (Boğaziçi University Graduates Association), he explained the rules and dimensions of Mehmet Ak "Branding".

Mehmet Ak in "MARKATÜRK" newspaper / 15 April 2005
Mehmet Ak's "A vision is needed to build a successful brand" was published in MARKATÜRK.

Mehmet Ak gave training to MASIAD / 1 April 2005
MASIAD (Association of Marmara Industry and Businessmen) Mehmet Ak'tan studied "Brand Management". Highly productive training, businessmen and managers joined the convention.

Mehmet Ak gave training to BATIBAY / 15 March 2005
BATIBAY, one of the leading Customs Brokerage firms in Turkey, has been trained by Mehmet Ak'tan PR (Public Relations) in order to better communicate with all target groups.

Mehmet Ak in "MARKATÜRK" newspaper / 25 February 2005
Mehmet Ak's "Can only be branded with a good name?" Written in MARKATURK.

Mehmet Ak trained at SAYED / 16 February 2005
Owners, senior managers and doctors of some hospitals in Istanbul participated in the seminar "Creating Corporate Identity / Images in Hospitals" organized by SAYED (Healthcare Management, Training and Consultancy).

Mehmet Ak in Lüleburgaz / 10 February 2005
Mehmet Ak, who went to Lüleburgaz as an invitation to the Lüleburgaz Businessmen's Association, gave training on "Brand Creation and Management" to 30 members of the association.

Mehmet Ak's writings "Transforming the Crisis into a Frisbee" book/ 3 January 2005
The book "Transforming the Crisis into Frisbee" written by Abdullah Bozgeyik was published. In the book, Mehmet Ak's "The Relationships and Management of the Crisis" was written in 12 pages.

Mehmet Ak gave education to "ŞAFAK TEMİZLİK" / 25 December 2004
"ŞAFAK TEMİZLİK" top management, Mehmet Ak'tan senior management, "Brand Management", who has been carrying out cleaning works with a large vehicle fleet and employee cadres of some city municipalities in our country.

Mehmet Ak in "MARKATÜRK" newspaper / 15 November 2004
The article titled "Communication / Promotion on Exhibiting to Exhibitions", which was prepared and published in the light of the fact that the fairs were intensified these months, was published in the November issue of Mark Turk, where Mehmet Ak was also a publishing advisor.

Mehmet Ak in "Marketing Türkiye" magazine / 1 November 2004
Turkey's Integrated Marketing Communication Magazine Marketing Turkey, on November 1, 2004, about the brands, "Enlargement ... But to what extent?" As a cover theme. In the article, the opinions of the Brand Management Consultant Mehmet Ak were also mentioned.

Mehmet Ak's writings in "SignGraphic" 4th year / 16 October 2004
Mehmet Ak's "Outdoor" Advertising's most important monthly publication, "SignGraphic" published in the magazine left behind the 4th year. Mehmet Ak, who has been writing many articles about his expertise until today, is also at the publication advisory board of his magazine.

Mehmet Ak in "Kanal Türk" TV / 6 October 2004
Mehmet Ak Kanal was the guest program of Türk TV's "Branding". The other guest of the program, which focuses on the problems of branding in Turkey, is the Chairman of TMD (Registered Markets Association). It was Selçuk Güzenge.

Mehmet Ak in "TUYAP / Packaging Fair" / 2 October 2004
Mehmet Ak delivered a speech on "Brand and Packaging" at the panel organized in Istanbul TUYAP Packaging Fair. Mehmet Ak's article on "Creating a successful brand" was published as 6 pages in the book titled "Packaging Design" which was also published on the fair frame.

Mehmet Ak in CERÇEVE magazine / 10 September 2004
CERÇEVE one of the most important magazines of our business world, worked on the issue of MARKA in September 2004. Mehmet Ak's "Is it easy to create a brand?" The article under the title was published in 6 pages in the magazine.

Mehmet Ak Konya - Meram Municipality emblem / logo competition jury / 15 July 2004
Mehmet Ak was selected as the jury of the emblem contest organized by Konya - Meram Municipality. About 2000 works participated in the competition within the specified time. And Meram Municipality has got its emblem that will be used from now on.

Branding efforts at Gökkuşağı Hypermarkets
/ 2 June 2004
30 senior executives of the Gökkuşağı Hypermarkets group, which has 6 hypermarkets in Istanbul, trained from Mehmet Ak "Brand Management" within the framework of the "Brand Management and Image creation studies" that we carried out.Our image studies that we carried out started to be applied in the Silivri store of 4000 m2 which will be opened soon.

Mehmet Ak in Inegol with furniture businessman
/ 21 May 2004
Inegol, one of the most important regions of Turkey in terms of the furniture sector, invited Brand Management Consultant Mehmet Ak to Inegol in order to enlighten him on "Branding". The seminar was very productive with around 50 businessmen and managers.

Mehmet Ak gave training to İŞHAD
/ 20 May 2004
Mr. Mehmet Ak, who was invited as a lecturer on the subject of "Brand Creation and Management" organized by the Association for Business and Life Solidarity (İŞHAD), gave a lecture on the technical dimensions of the "Branding" which is one of the most important issues of our business world in recent years. What they should do and what not to do.

Mehmet Ak gave training to ADRES PATENT
/ 8 May 2004
ADRES PATENT, one of the leading patent and trademark registries of Turkey, organized a training in the head office to raise awareness of "Marketing Creation and Management". More than 30 Marketing staff members from Istanbul and its region participated in the training seminar. After Mehmet Ak highly productive training seminar, which specifically addressed the technical and artistic dimensions of the Branding process, ADRES PATENT decided to reorganize these seminars from time to time in order to benefit its customers as well.

Mehmet Ak became an official trainer of KOSGEB / 2 May 2004
Turkey Ministry of Industry and Commerce KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Administration) Central Training and Consultancy Center, Brand Management Consultant Mehmet Ak has chosen an official educator under the title of "Brand" (Corporate Identity, Image and Marketing Communication).

Mehmet Ak in Beykent University / 21 April 2004
Mehmet Ak gave a lecture on "Corporate Identity and Image" to the Communication Department students in the Beylikduzu-Istanbul Campus conference hall of Beykent University.

Mehmet Ak in Beykent University
/ 21 April 2004
Mehmet Ak participated as a guest in a lecture at the invitation of Beykent University Advertising - Public Relations Department. Students approaches to the business world on Advertising, Public Relations and Brand Management.

Mehmet Ak gave a lecture at Businessmen Development Association (İGED) /
2 March 2004
Mehmet Ak, Businessmen Development Association (İGED), gave a lecture on "Brand Creation and Management", a group consisting of approximately 50 businessmen and managers in the organization center in Istanbul.

Mehmet Ak in Izmir Fair / 26 February 2004
Mehmet Ak explained the intricacies and technical dimensions of Brand Creation and Management for 4 hours during the training seminar organized within the scope of the 15th İzmir Shoe, Bag and Accessories Fair held between 26 - 29 February 2004 within İzmir Fair.

Mehmet Ak gave "Brand Management" seminar 1 November 2003
Training organized by Boğaziçi Training & Consultancy in Hilton / Istanbul Top executives of Tofaş Türk - Otomobil and Pınar Anadolu Food participated.

Mehmet Ak in "Feedback" magazine / 1 September 2003
One of the most important magazines of Marketing Communications, "Feedback" this month, mainly focused on "File" as "3rd Dimension in Advertising". One of the important specialties related to the subject was the opinions and evaluations of "3D" programs of Mehmet Ak, who is Graphic Design.

Mehmet Ak in "Globus" magazine / / 1 Augost 2003
The Globus magazine, which was followed by our business world from publishing organs of Dünya Newspaper, gave a wide coverage to "Brand" in August 2003 issue. Some research results of the brands of Turkey were also included in the study - research, which included information of important people about the subject. In the prepared article, opinions of the Corporate Identity and Brand Management Consultant Mehmet Ak were also included in the interview.

Mehmet Ak gave a lecture at Çapa Faculty of Medicine / 20 June 2003
The topic of the conference, attended by hospital senior managers and doctors; "Corporate Identity and PR in Hospitals".

Mehmet Ak gave a lecture in Mimar Sinan University / 24 May 2003
The theme of the conference, which Mimar Sinan University and other universities watched by about 80 people, was "the premiere of Brand Management and Personal Image".

Mehmet Ak presided at Bursa State Hospital "Corporate Identity" panel / 11 May 003
Bursa State Hospital Bursa Governor, Head of Bursa Chamber of Deputies, Head of the hospital, senior officials of hospitals, doctors and nurses participated in the panel organized within the scope of the events organized for the "Nurses Week".

Mehmet Ak in TV 8, in "Brand" program / 24 March 2003
Brand Management Consultant Mehmet Ak TV was a guest of the " Brand" program on Sunday. Mehmet Ak explained the technical aspects of brand creation in full detail.

Mehmet Ak in "Expo Channel" / 3 February 2003
Brand Management Consultant Mehmet Ak was the live guest of "Expo Channel" which was broadcasting from cable TV at 11.00 on January 29, 2003. The program, in which the "Communication / Promotion Dimension of the Brand" was mainly addressed, attracted much attention: it was published three times until February 2, 2003.

Mehmet Ak in "feedback" magazine / 20 January 2003
Monthly Marketing Communication Magazine gave the opinions of Brand Management Consultant Mehmet Ak about "Sponsorship" in "feedback" first issue.

Mehmet Ak in "Capital" magazine / 3January 2003
In January 2003, Capital, one of the most important magazines of our business and economic world, gave with Mehmet Ak about "Even a letter should mean meaning" written 132, 133 and 134 pages.

Denizli / FUNIKA Holding has finished the image studies / 20 October 2002
Brand Management and Image studies that Mehmet Ak made at Denizli's biggest establishments at FUNIKA HOLDING were completed to a great extent. Denizli very attracting and acclaimed work was introduced to the public in Denizli with the Governor, the Mayor, the local press and an outstanding invitation by 600 people and a large exhibition.

Mehmet Ak gave training to Türk Telekom / 25 October 2002
Mehmet Ak gave a training seminar on "Branding and Management" to a total of 200 managers of Türk Telekom in two separate groups on 23 and 25 October 2002 in Istanbul University Communication Faculty organization.

Mehmet Ak in "Marketing Türkiye" magazine / 15 September 2002
Marketing Communication is one of the most important magazines of our world. On 15 September 2002, Marketing Turkey's views about Mehmet Ak's education about Advertising, Public Relations and Graphic Arts in Turkey

Mehmet Ak gave training to medics / 17 June 2002
Mehmet Ak gave a full-day seminar on "Branding and Public Relations" to senior executives of health institutions in various parts of Turkey in Istanbul Hilton on 15 June 2002. Training given as part of the five-day "Hospital Management" Management Development Training Program by "Boğaziçi Training & Consultancy" SSK Samatya Sigorta Hospital, Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital, SSK 70 th Year Tarsus State Hospital, Anadolu Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. And senior executives of Bursa State Hospital (academicians and doctors).

Mehmet Ak gave a seminar on "Public Relations" / 18 May 2002
Mehmet Ak one-day Public Relations training to top executives of the Turkish Exim Bank (Ankara), Pfizer Medicines, Ilsan İlaç and Sabiha Gökçen Airport (Istanbul) Public Relations Director in the seminar program organized by "Boğaziçi Training & Consulting"

Mehmet Ak gave a seminar on "Brand Management" / 14 May 2002
Mehmet Ak BP (British Petrol), Ey TV (Antalya) ve Karel / Telesis'in (Bursa) konuyla ilgili yöneticilerine bir günlük "Marka Yönetimi" semineri verdi.

Mehmet Ak in "Brand and Advertising" panel / 9 May 2002
Istanbul University Faculty of Communication Conference Hall and M.A.R.K.A. Advertising Agency Executive Board and Creative Group President Hulusi Derici, President of Advertising Advertisers Caner Tunaman and Mehmet Ak have attended a number of students and faculty members both as speakers and administrators.

Mehmet Ak in TGRT TV / 27 February 2002
Trademark Management Consultant Mehmet Ak in "Business World" program of TGRT TV, which has been published for 120 weeks, is under the "Brand" theme. Chairman Kemal Yaman joined the black sea as a guest of live broadcasting. According to the information given by the TV authorities, the program has been the highest ticket among the ones published so far.

Mehmet Ak in Denizli, FUNIKA HOLDING / 9 February 2002
Mehmet Ak gave a seminar on "Brand Creation and Management" to the senior management of approximately 45 people of FUNIKA HOLDING from the biggest establishments of Denizli. After the full-day seminar, Mehmet Ak and his team started to work on FUNIKA HOLDING Brand Management and Image creation. FUNIKA Ltd., FUNITEX AŞ., FUNIBO AŞ., FUNIPA AŞ. FUNIKA (UK) Ltd., FUNIKA (US) Inc., JAIMS Holding (Swiss) Ltd., FUNIKA Takstil Ltd., Sirius Ltd., Funoto (OPEL), FUNIKA Foundation, DEHA Media Group (DEHA TV, DEHA Agency, DEHA Printing house, DEHA 20 Newspaper, DEHA Kent Radio). FUNIKA HOLDING, which has various affiliates and close to 1,500 employees and best practice of Japanese management systems, is working on exporting abroad.

Mehmet Ak gave a lecture at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine
/ 28 December 2001
Within the framework of "Postgraduate Education Program" organized by the Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Mehmet Ak gave a lecture on "Total Quality Management in Hospitals" at the Çapa Medical Faculty Children's Clinic Conference Hall on Friday, December 28. The conference, which was attended by a large number of academicians, was quite fruitful. I sincerely appreciate and respectfully welcome the Organizing Committee and all attendees. Mehmet Ak.

Mehmet Ak gave a seminar on "Public Relations" (Advanced level) / 17 November 2001
Global Bilgi from Istanbul, Dedeman Hotel & Resorts, Consulate of Australia, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality / Bel Bim, Pharmacia and İzmir seminar on "Public Relations (Advanced Level)" organized by Boğaziçi Education & Den Feast / Coca Cola (second time!) and the executives of the organizational units related to the seminar topic of Turkish Exim Bank from Ankara.

Professionals of communication came together in Manajans / Thomson Advertising Agency / 29 September 2001
Mehmet Ak participated in the workshop discussed important issues.

Mehmet Ak gave a seminar DOĞTAŞ Furniture / 10 May 2001
Mehmet Ak gave a seminar DOĞTAŞ Furniture to Advertising - Public Relations section for two days; He gave a special training seminar on Brand Management, Advertising, Marketing and Sales Communication.

Mehmet Ak gave a seminar in PRCI / 3 May 2001
On May 3, 2001, Mehmet Ak gave a training on "Brand Management" to PR professionals in the "Advanced PR Training Program" at PRCI's Istanbul center. The technical dimension of the subject has been examined in the education that 14 people from Istanbul's well-known firms and organizations attended.

Mehmet Ak gave training on "Brand Management and Advertising" / 20-24 March 2001
Two full day trainings organized by Boğaziçi Training & Consultancy in Istanbul - Hilton ERDEMİR, Zorlu Holding, PIRELLI, AXA OYAK, OMSAN, and senior executives on the subject of transportation.

Mehmet Ak gave training on "Marketing and Advertising" / 27 February 2001
Training organized by Boğaziçi Training & Consultancy in Istanbul - Hilton attended the senior executives of FORD OTOSAN, TÜYAP and PAMİR.

Mehmet Ak gave training on "Crisis Public Relations and Press Relations" / 4 November 2000
Training organized by Boğaziçi Eğitim & Danışmanlık in İstanbul - Hilton participated in BEYENDİK Mağazaları, AXA OYAK, Media Tools / Interactive Media, SKY Informatics / Multimedia FORD OTOSAN senior executives.

Mehmet Ak gave training on "Sales Communication" / 4 November 2000
Training organized by Boğaziçi Training & Consultancy in Istanbul - Hilton INOKSAN, Eltem Elektrik, ALTAŞ-GEDORE, Finans Invest, Destek Bilgisayar, PAKSOY Ready-to-Concrete sales personnel participated.

Mehmet Ak gave training to professionals on "Advanced People's Relations" / 7-8 October 2000
Education organized by Boğaziçi Training & Consultancy in Istanbul - Hilton Estaş Elektronik, Ünye Cement, Çimstone, Özgü-Özgörkey Food, ALSTOM, Mozaik Tekstil, TÜRKSPED, TUBITAK, TÜPRAŞ, Beğendik stores, Communication, Promotion, HR topics of WINCOR-NIXDORF Senior executives joined. Practically, it was taught and taught exactly what system of Public Relations should be done.

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