• Management Consultancy

    "The key to moving your business forward..."

    In today's business world, just a good idea and enough capital are not enough to own a successful business. You need the right strategies to grow your business and achieve sustainable success. This is where management consultancy services come into play.

    Management consultancy is a consultancy service that analyzes the current situation of your business, identifies problems and offers solutions. Thanks to this service, you can increase the performance of your business, increase efficiency and increase your competitiveness.

    What do management consultancy services include?

    1. Strategic Planning: By determining the goals of your business, we guide you to create strategies and implement them. In this way, you can plan the future success journey of your business and achieve your goals.

    2. Organizational Development: By analyzing the internal structure of your business, we offer suggestions that will increase efficiency and improve business processes. We also organize training programs to improve the competencies of your employees. This is a "Restructuring", "Institutionalization", "ISO 9000" etc. It may be management / consultancy of processes. These studies can be expanded as "Digitalization of Business Processes" (Today, the digitalization of businesses is an inevitable fact. Therefore, by digitalizing your business processes, you can increase efficiency and reduce costs.).

    3. Marketing and Sales Strategies: To succeed in a competitive market, you need the right marketing and sales strategies. We help you determine the target audience of your business and create the right marketing and sales strategies. These studies;
    * "Regional Development Plans" (domestic / international market development),
    * "Establishing a Dealership Organization",
    * "Creating a Franchising System", etc. can be expanded as .

    4. Brand Management: You can examine the scope of our work in detail on our page on this subject. In summary, the services we provide in this regard are;
    * Marketing (Examination, analysis and research on Market, Brand, Image, Target Audience, Product, etc.),
    * Digital marketing,
    * Sales Management,
    * CRM,
    * Product ("Product development", "Preparing a new collection", "New trends", "Product grouping and systematization", etc.),
    * Advert, * Digital Advertising,
    * Corporate / Brand Image Design (Visual Identity Design),
    * PR,
    * Digital PR,
    * Trademark Law, Intellectual and Industrial Works Law in its form and scope.

    Why should you work with us?

    * Academic-based knowledge (integrated, high-level knowledge in all of the above subjects, both technical and artistic),
    * Many years of work experience in many different business fields, strong references,
    * Experience of being in many countries of the world,
    * Customized service (The needs of every business are different. Our services are specially designed to suit the needs of your company / business / brand),
    * Current information and technology (The business world is constantly changing and developing. We keep up with these changes in our services and offer you the most up-to-date information and technologies),
    * Confidentiality and reliability (The privacy and security of your business is very important to us. Therefore, we keep all your information confidential and store it securely. For this reason, the companies / brands we serve work with us for very long periods of time, such as 5, 10, 15, 20 years)
    Affordable prices (our prices are always affordable)...

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