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    1- Neuro Marketing Analysis;

    Why Neuromarketing?

    Nowadays, brand options and messages about these options are increasing rapidly, and consumers make purchasing decisions based on their emotions, not rational elements. Asking consumers about their preferences means measuring subconscious/unconscious reactions at the conscious level. This leads brand managers to misleading conclusions. Many research, marketing and advertising projects fail to achieve their goals due to incorrect measurement.
    It becomes possible to understand the real emotions and feelings of consumers with neurophysiological measurements in neuromarketing-based research.
    - A significant part of human behavior has subconscious/unconscious origins.
    - Activated areas in the central and peripheral nervous systems can be measured and marketing strategies can be developed.
    - When people feel the same emotions, the same areas in the nervous system are activated.
    - What the emotions are and how intense they are can be determined without asking questions to the person.
    >> Neuroscience-based research reaches consumers' subconscious/unconscious data with scientific methods and high reliability, without asking any questions.
    >> Emotions measured by people's neurophysiological reactions provide consistent and accurate information.
    Research Methods Frequently Used in "Neuromarketing":

    >> Electroencephalography (EEG) Method

    - Every emotion a person feels creates electrical activity between nerve cells called neurons in the brain. The activity of neurons is detected by electrodes placed on the subject's head. Even though there are different cultures and geographies, the anatomical areas in the brain that are activated by emotions are the same in people.
    - High-precision measurement is performed by determining which part of the brain each emotion activates and is analyzed with a specific algorithm.

    >> Eye Tracking Method

    - Eye Tracking method is a measurement method that detects where the pupils focus and the focusing time with the help of a special device that precisely measures pupil movements and can be reported quantitatively with the heat map method.

    2- Players in the Market;

    According to the perceived brand image, an average of 10 F/M Dealers + 10 F/M managers are interviewed,
    In the market where F/M is located, which companies / brands are in the top 10 are examined on the basis of regions / cities / countries,
    As a result of the reviews, the top 10 companies / brands in the market are ranked.

    3- Product groups in the market;
    As a result of the interview with 10 F/M managers, the product groups and how many types of products the producers in the market produce are found and listed.

    4- C/B Sales Performance (D);
    Dealers, Representatives, Suppliers, Subcontractors etc. according to customer segments. Annual sales turnover is examined in terms of

    5- C/B Sales Performance (based on N/A number of customers);
    Shares in the grand total / 2010 According to customer segments, Dealers, Representatives, Suppliers, Subcontractors, etc. Annual sales turnover is examined in terms of

    6- C/B Sales Performance (D);
    Annual sales turnover by region (Last 5 or 10 years)Dealers, Representatives, Suppliers, Subcontractors etc. by region. Annual sales turnover is examined in terms of Representatives…

    7- Brand Image Analysis (C / B / Competitors);
    Perception of F/M dealers (Türkiye)

    Review titles;
    - Market share
    - Brand awareness
    - Leadership / Popularity
    - Customer loyalty and loyalty
    - Brand promise and personality
    - Perceived value
    - Marketing
    ------ Competitive advantage, strength
    ------ Pricing power, profitability
    ------ Price advantage
    ------ Distribution forces / shipment
    ------ Distribution channels (number of stores, dealers, sales points)
    ------ Customer / Consumer motivation
    - MY / strategic planning
    - Sales Management
    ------ Sales Management Organization
    ------ Dealer network / management
    ------ Stock status
    ------ Sales policies / reliability
    ------ Dealer motivation
    ------ Education
    - Image
    - Advert
    ------ ONE
    ------ Corporate activities, organizations
    ------ Social benefits
    - Provided by the product / brand;
    ------ Physical benefit
    ------ Personal / Emotional benefit
    - Perceived quality of the product/brand
    ------ Quality-testing system
    ------ Product reliability
    ------ Certificates etc.
    ------ R&D
    - Business
    ------ KK / Institutionalization
    ------ Reliability
    ------ Facility adequacy
    ------ Financial structure, soundness
    ------ Strategic planning

    8-SWOT Analysis (C / B / Competitors);

    - Product Quality
    - Product Reliability
    - Certificates
    - Brand awareness
    - Price advantage
    - Dealer Network/Management
    - Corporate identity
    - Facility Qualification
    - Financial Structure
    - Reliability/sales policies
    - Trainings
    - Marketing
    - Advert
    - Sales staff
    - Sales organization
    - Stock status
    - Shipment
    - Awareness in projects
    - Strategic planning
    - Technical equipment

    Analysis topics;
    - +'s (Strengths)
    ------ Brand and Image
    ------ Marketing
    ------ Product / production
    ------ Business

    - -'s (Weaknesses)
    ------ Brand and Image
    ------ Marketing
    ------ Product / production
    ------ Business

    - Opportunities
    ------ Brand and Image
    ------ Marketing
    ------ Product / production
    ------ Business

    - Dangers
    ------ Brand and Image
    ------ Marketing
    ------ Product / production
    ------ Business

    9- Integrated Marketing Communication Analysis;
    (According to C/B senior management + MA) / D

    Review topics;
    - Product
    - Packaging
    - Price
    - PY / System
    - SY
    ------ System
    ------ Sales points
    ------ Sales people
    ------ Sales equipment
    ------ Sales order
    ------ After selling
    - Distribution
    - CRM
    - GK
    - R
    - PR

    10- Visual Identity Analysis;
    Expert assessment (MA)

    - Logo
    - Letterhead, envelope, invoice, etc.
    - Brochure / Catalogs
    - Building
    - Store (facade, interior decor)
    - Vehicles
    - Staff uniforms
    - Website
    - Segments; A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

    11- Advertising Analysis (C / B / Competitors);
    Evaluation of advertisements published in sector magazines (by years)
    - Months
    - Magazines
    - Ad title
    - Advertising ID
    - Advertising space
    ------ Full page
    ------ ¾ page
    ------ Half page
    ------ Quarter page
    - The impact of the publication
    ------ Effective
    ------ Normal
    ------ Weak

    12- PR / Press Relations Analysis (C / B / Competitors);
    Evaluation of appearing as news in sector magazines (by years)
    - Months
    - Magazines
    - News headline
    - News area;
    ------ Full page
    ------ ¾ page
    ------ Half page
    ------ Quarter page
    - The impact of the publication
    ------ Effective
    ------ Normal
    ------ Weak
    - Positivity in content
    - Concluding note

    13- RET (Advertising Effectiveness Test);
    A test that can quickly reveal how effective a newspaper, magazine or TV advertisement will be (before or after publication).

    14- DAT (Design Perception Test);
    Before an image work, it is a test on the brand positioning of F/M owners / managers, whether they can perceive the image work to be done correctly, and whether they will manage these works correctly.

    About our analysis;
    * Analyzes are carried out in cooperation with one of our universities.


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